FOR YOU...  

I'm Tuscany
Dedicated to all my clients who
contributed to my success since 1986

I'm real

I'm alive

I'm happy

I'm Florence
I'm Pisa and Lucca, Arezzo and Siena
Elba and Argentario
S.gimignano and Volterra

I'm the tower
I'm the David.I'm Ferragamo and Gucci

I'm Brunello, Nobile and Chianti

I'm the best cuisine in the world

I'm art,culture,nature

I'm a generous mother

My heart is two thousand years old

I'm a friendly country

I bore children such as Dante, Leonardo, Puccini, Bocelli and Benigni

I'm yesterday and today

I have the Mediterranean in my eyes

I don't know the cold

I'm Tuscany
and I want to tell you that I love you


Angelo Critelli-Guzzi